• Easy to clean
  • Detachable Glass Bubbler
  • Wireless Charging
  • Replaceable Ceramic Coil
  • Remarkable Temperature LED light Settings ( White/Green/Red) “

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There are plenty of choice for vape device on the market, lots of desktop vaporizers aim to implement a stylish design that makes them look like decorative pieces, but the Xvape Vista Mini takes it to another level. Today, let us review Xvape Vista Mini, one of best wax vaporizer 2019, Xvape Vista Mini.

Unlike the Xvape original, multi-functional Xvape Vista, the Xvape Vista Mini sacrifices functionality for portability. Correct! The vista was very large and was not portable. Dabbers will love the ease and use of the XVAPE Vista Mini. Xvape Vista Mini is a single, highly-portable, desktop wax vaporizer that vaporizes wax like an absolute pro.

Xvape Vista Mini, is the first vape to offer WIRELESS CHARGING capabilities! in That’s right! Xvape Vista Mini is a wax vaporizer with wireless charging. First wireless charging vape in the world, it is Xvape Vista Mini.  Welcome to the future. The Vista Mini has a user interface that’s practically identical to that of the original Vista. By only three clicks turn the unit on, two clicks will allow you to cycle through the temperature settings, and one long press initiates the heating function. It’s a simple, easy to remember, easy to use interface. Assembling the device is very straightforward, and using it is just as easy.

The Vista Mini achieves a great and unique and stylish look. It has a design and shape that closely resemble those of a lava lamp, and the decorative aesthetic is heightened by a red light that illuminates the glass water chamber with every hit. How wonderful!

On the other hand, Xvape Vista Mini is great for beginners. It is easier to use than most other tabletop rigs. The instruction videos are available on our website, and we believe most people will get it down within a couple of sessions.

Xvape Vista Mini certainly sets itself apart from the rest of the wax and e-rig game and for the price tag we would certainly hope so. For the price, only $119, you get a very solid and futuristic feeling e-rig. Being a fresh product we are curious to see how it holds up over time and just how strong the glass really is.

If you are looking for a portable e-rig that can also handle dry herbs we suggest checking out the Xvape Starry 3.0, Xvape Avant (best compact herb vape), or Xvape Fog.

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