• Fits most top and bottom airflow 510 cartridges
  • 3 power modes
  • Completely conceals cartridges within the chamber design
  • One year limited warranty
  • Patent Pending
  • Micro USB charging port
  • LED Indicator lights show power modes and battery level
  • Pass through technology allowing you to use the device while charging
  • High capacity 660 Mah battery
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The PCKT ONE PLUS vapor unit offers a built-in high capacity 660mah battery, with 3 practical power modes to suit your hardware needs. Pass-through charging and a 5-click on/off feature, allows for absolute function and safety when not in use. Unique magnetic adapters make any 51O cartridges ready in a snap. Works with cartridges 11.5mm diameter or smaller and works with top and bottom airflow cartridges.

Our custom RCKT chip allows you to use different style cartridges. It also uses an air sensor which triggers auto inhale when using bottom airflow cartridges and for top airflow cartridges you will need to use the function button while inhaling to fire the device.

Pick your favorite 510 cartridge and simply screw on the appropriate magnetic adapter provided. Once attached slide your cartridge and adapter into the chamber of your device and puff away.

Now with a wider 11.5 mm chamber the new PCKT+ works with all top and bottom airflow 510 cartridges. PCKT+ works with brands like CCell, iKrushers, Smiss and many more.

The custom RCKT chip was designed for absolute function and control over your desired power levels. Analyzing the ohms (coil resistance) of your cartridge the device will auto adjust to the maximum wattage output your cartridge can handle for your selected power mode. This ensures you never burn your oils by heating them over the recommended temperature/voltage level.

With a 660 Mah high capacity battery your PCKT Plus will withstand hours of use on a single charge. With our RCKT Chip you also have the option to check your battery level with one (1) click of the function button.


Additional information

Weight 5.6 oz
Dimensions 4.6 × 2.6 × 1.5 in

avalanche, pacific


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