• 1600mAh dry herb vaporizer
• Titanium heating chamber
• True convection heating
• Wax cup included
• Haptic feedback
• Anodized aluminum body
• 4 temperature control settings
• Silicone insulated mouthpiece
• On board storage
• 6 month warranty

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The 3.6″ Grindhouse Vault Dry Herb Vaporizer features true convection heating, a 1600mAh battery, haptic feedback, a titanium heating chamber, removable wax cup for concentrates, an aluminum body, silicone insulated mouthpiece, and on board storage.

Easy To Use

The Grindhouse Vault is a straight-forward, easy to use convection vaporizer. Power is turned on and off by holding the power button for three seconds. While powered on, you can cycle through the temperature settings by clicking the power button two times, which advances the temperature to the next setting. The last set temperature will be remembered each time the Vault is turned off. The temperature setting is indicated by one of four LEDs located just above the power button. While the Grindhouse Vault is heating up, the LED representing the set temperature will flash. Once operating temperature is reached, which is blazingly-quick at only thirty seconds, the Vault will gently vibrate to let you know that it’s ready.

Filling The Chamber

With a gentle lifting of the top section, the lid will pop up, allowing it to be rotated to expose the huge titanium chamber. For best results, fill the chamber at least halfway with medium to medium-fine ground dry herb. Optimal convection vaporization depends on adequate airflow, so it’s recommended to not pack the dry herb into the chamber to allow for even heat distribution. Once you’re done loading, simply rotate the lid back into place and push down to lock into place.



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