The pop up top is the standout feature of the ArGo because it allows the device to maintain the signature Arizer glass tube while adding a level of portability that the other Arizer vaporizers lack. Whether it is the best Arizer vape or not is a matter of opinion, but it is easily the most practical one.

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The Arizer Go, or ArGo, is a handsome and compact vaporizer that packs a lot of great features into a tight little package. It has a borosilicate glass mouthpiece, which is rare for portable vapes, but is present on the ArGo’s larger siblings, the Air 2 and Solo 2. It serves the same function on the ArGo as it does on those larger vapes, in that it makes herb loading extremely easy and keeps the vapor pure and cool because the glass is a neutral material. Also, you can preload them with herb and store them using the included stem caps to seal off the filling end, which provides some extra convenience.

Any worries that the mouthpiece will end up getting dirty or broken are quashed thanks to the pop top design of the ArGo. The top of it pops up to completely enclose the mouthpiece after pressing a button on the back of the device. You just push the top down again when you’re ready to vape. The other design features are more standard, but still pretty good. It has a clear OLED screen that keeps you informed about the temperature and battery level. The buttons that control the temperature and give you good feedback when pressed. Finishing things up, the two-tone black finish looks good in an understated kind of way.

The ArGo is under four inches tall whether the top is popped or not, so there aren’t any doubts about its pocket friendliness. And like I mentioned earlier, that pop top protects the glass mouthpiece from any and all hazards, which increases its portability even more.


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