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The upgraded Arizer Air II is an excellent choice if you are looking for a portable dry herb vaporizer. It’s sturdy, yet sleek body allows for functionality that most portables cannot compete with.

It has an isolated airpath & boro-silicate glass vapor path for the purest and most flavorful vapor possible. The Air II has a longer battery life than the previous Air I, so you can stay lifted even longer while on the go! 

What’s Included

1 x Air II Portable Micro-Heater

1 x Air II Battery

1 x Air II USB Charger/Power Adapter

1 x Air II Glass Aroma Tube (70mm)

1 x Air II Tipped Glass Aroma Tube (70mm)

1 x Air II Glass Aroma Dish

2 x Air II Silicone Stem Caps

2 x Air II PVC Travel Tubes w/Cap (70mm Size)

1 x Air II PVC Travel Tube w/Cap (Aroma Dish Size)

1 x Air II Belt-Clip Carry Case

1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool

4 x Air II Stainless Steel Filter Screens

1 x Sample Aromatic Botanicals

1 x Air II Owner’s Manual

Additional information

Weight 26.2 oz
Dimensions 8.9 × 6.0 × 2.7 in


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